(To Be Approved at Captains Meeting Scheduled for March 12, 2018)


Challenge Cup


Captains Meeting @ BallenIsles


March 6, 2017




  • Welcoming Remarks (Fran Morris-President)

        Fran Morris called the meeting to order.  All new captains/co-Captains and all rules chairs are requested to stay afterward for a brief orientation meeting.  Fran introduced the Executive Board and the Board at Large (Cup Rules Chairs; Prizes)             

             Fran thanked the captains and their clubs for their diligence in scheduling the matches for this season.

  • Wait List (Fran Morris)

          Hunters Run II will be challenging in on April 6th.  Old Palm will be Challenging in in 2018.  Liz Litowitz representing Old           Palm was at the Meeting and was introduced.

  • Old Business – 2016 Captains’ Meeting Minutes (in the packets)

                  There was a motion to accept the minutes as published.



  • By-Laws (Fran Morris)

                   The By-Laws this year are on the website and in the Book.  We

                    incorporated changes from the last two years including the new

                    appointed Executive Board position of Website Manager. Next

                    year the By-Laws will only be on the Challenge Cup website.


  • Treasurer's Report (Barbara Hanna-Treasurer)

                    Barbara Hanna presented her report as of March 6th, 2017.

          Opening Balance                        $4,853.03

                              Income                                      $3,600.00

                              Estimated & Actual Expenses    $2,214.60

                              2017 Estimated Balance             $6,238.43


                    Barbara reported that the BOD approved reserving the surplus

                    funds in order to provide tee gifts to our members to

                    commemorate our 25th anniversary next season.


  • The Website – www.challengecupgolf.org

    Fran explained that the more our captains and their teams use the website, the more we can expand the information to serve membership needs.  Rosters & results will be available on the website. Please continue to submit your suggestions or let us know if you experience any troubles so we can work it out together.



  • USGA Rules Review (Judy Taylor – Rules Chair)

           Judy reviewed the procedure for rules disputes in match play.

    Key points to remember are:


  • You cannot play a second ball as this is a stroke play procedure.

  • You must make a claim statement and continue play without delay.

  • You can concede a hole at any time.

  • If the claim is condition dependent, circle the hole number on the scorecard for an on course review by the Rules Chair after the match. Complete the hole in case the claim is disallowed.

    Rules Changes – New Local Rule eliminating the penalty when a ball is accidentally moved on the putting green will be implemented at all clubs for Challenge Cup matches.  A copy is in the Captains’ packet so you can include it in your local rules sheet for the day you are hosting.



  • Review of Challenge Cup Policies – Fran Morris

    We are encouraging play of Challenge Matches, so it is important to play them.  Consequences are in effect for defaulting challenge matches. Refer to pg 23 in the Book.


    Please review with your team players that they have lunch with your team before the match, and sit with your opponents after play.  This is part of CC-sportsmanship, camaraderie, and a more congenial competition.


    Challenge matches will continue to be simplified.  The cost is $25.00, with no lunch or reception after golf.


    • Slow Play and Cellphone Policies

      Must enter start and end time on your score card. Completed scorecards go to rules chair of your cup.  If complaint of slow play is made, those cards are used to determine where the slow play exists, and isolate problems.  Policy is fair, and makes players conscious of pace of play.


      Put cell phones away.  Cell phones or other electronic devices are not permitted. (Ref. Pg 14)

    • Rain

      The Rules are there to get the matches in as scheduled.

      Once 9 holes are played, the match is official. All un-played holes are halved.

      If players are called off the course for inclement weather, the rules chair(s) will work with the club & radar to determine if the round can be resumed. Please let the policies work.

      If there is rain prior to tee-off, do not cancel play until at least 10 am to allow time for evaluation, and CC representatives  must be involved. Rain dates are a last resort – and there is only one per cup.

    • Dress Code

                White bottoms, same shirt-body, trim differences are



  • Rosters (Karen Rockliff – Secretary)

    Karen thanked the captains for their quick replies with their rosters and handicap reports.  Karen asked captains whose information has not yet been received to see her after the meeting if they need some help.

  • Results (Lindsay Chiarella – Results Chair)

    Lindsay asked the host captains to make sure that the picture of the scoreboard is really clear if attaching it to an e-mail or text to submit the results.  Do not ask your pro shop to submit the results – it is the host captain's responsibility – and we want to publish the information as soon as possible on the website.


    Add Lindsay to your contact list for ease in reporting results.


    Review the website for your results and report errors immediately to Lindsay.

  • Captains Handout (Patsy Elliott – Past President)

    Captain's Checklist (was emailed to you and is in your packets)

    Hosting Challenge Cup:


    • Review Golf Pro Guidelines (in your packets) and yardages (page 14 of your Books) with your pro   

    • Print start and end times on the scorecards.

    • After the results are entered by the host club, give the score cards to the Rules Chair of the Day (per Cup).  (If the pro collects the scorecards they should then pass them along to the rules chairs.)

    • Host captains send results to Lindsay.

    • If you are hosting a challenge match, set up the course for the appropriate yardage.  You are hosting even if you and your team are not playing (challenge matches are played on neutral courses).  Reserve extra time between the matches and your club play.


    • 2017 Match Lineups & Results Form – This is the form for each match, and it was also emailed to you.

    • 2017 Results Transmittal Form – Save the form, but send JUST TOTAL RESULTS to Lindsay Chiarella, lcchiar1010@gmail.com. Nothing fancy needed, just email or text the results information - the location, the cup, the teams and the scores.  Or send a CLEAR photo of the scoreboard.



  • Clubs hosting the first match in each cup should take the scoreboards.  That means Jonathan's Landing (cup I), Boca West (Cups II and III), Polo Club (Cup IV), Delray Dunes (Cup V) and Ironhorse (Cup VI). Then pass them along to the next hosting club.



  • The Book – Fran Morris


  • Changes given

  • No golf shoes in dining rooms

  • Broken Sound matches are at the Old Course

  • Frenchman’s Reserve-consider it partially cart path only

                                  (3  holes) due to renovations



  • New Business and Discussion

    • 2018 dates will be sent as soon as possible to the captains to set up the match schedule for next season




    • Nominating Committee – Patsy Elliott

      •  Patsy presented the BOD Slate for 2018


        • Karen Rockliff – President

        • Pat Pape – Vice President

        • Barbara Hanna - Treasurer

        • Sue Patalano - Secretary

        • Luanne Zabytko – Rules Chair

      • Patsy asked if there were nominations from the floor. There being no other nominations, the BOD slate was submitted for voting subsequent to the meeting.


      • Captains vote by April 5th   via on-line ballot



    • Year End BOD Meeting- Monday, April 10, 2017- 9:15am at Ibis.  All incoming and outgoing Executive Board members to attend – the Board turns over at the end of this year end meeting.  All Rules Chairs are invited to attend.


  • Meeting was adjourned