(As amended March 2016)


Article I                   Name

This Association, founded in 1994, shall be called the CHALLENGE CUP SCRATCH MATCHES.


Article II                Purpose

The purpose of The Challenge Cup Scratch Matches shall be to foster and reward good golf among amateur women golfers in Palm Beach County and secondly to further concepts of sportsmanship and camaraderie through competition.


Article III Membership


A. Team Membership

A team representing a local club must apply to the Board in writing for admission into the league. In order to qualify for participation, a club must have a minimum of 12 players available for match play through the month of April. It must be able to offer its club for play on a match date, including luncheon, within the cost parameters established by the Association for that year. 


B. Individual Membership

In order to qualify for a place on a team, an individual must be 21 years or older and be a member in good standing of her club’s sponsored women’s league and be entitled to full golfing privileges at her club. If, at any time during the matches, a member should lose her full golfing privileges at her club, she shall not be eligible to play in Challenge Cup matches.


If a player belongs to more than one club that has a team in Challenge Cup, she may only play for one club.


Each team member shall be responsible for complying with the approved dress code - white bottoms and the individual team’s chosen shirt.


Article IV              The Board


A. The business of the Challenge Cup association shall be governed by a Board. This Board shall have the power to set fees, allocate funds, approve or disapprove a new club for participation and expel  or censure any member or team for improper conduct or lack of adherence to the Rules of Golf or of this organization.


B. The Board shall be empowered to set specific rules for the conduct of these competitions, establish membership requirements, but they shall do nothing that will supersede the USGA Rules of Golf. 


C. The full Board is comprised of a President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Rules Chair, Prize Chair, Results Chair, Website Manager and additional Rules Chairs from each of the Cups and any other chairs established as needed.


D. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Overall Rules Chair shall be elected officers and along with the Immediate Past President, Results Chair and Website Manager shall comprise the Executive Board.  


     a. The President shall have all of the responsibilities this office customarily entails and she shall oversee all aspects of the matches relevant to their scheduling and conduct. She shall arrange for the annual captains’ meeting and call any other necessary meetings for the proper continuity of the Association. She shall appoint the Prize Chair, Results Chair, Website Manager and Rules Chairs from the individual cups, along with any other needed chairs.

       b. The Vice-President shall be responsible for the preparation and compilation of the annual schedule, including any confirmations and contracts deemed appropriate, and shall assist as necessary in the preparation and distribution of the book and captain communications and forms.

       c. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and retain records pertinent to the Association, and she shall prepare acknowledgements to the host clubs. She will also assist in the preparation and distribution of the book and captain communications and forms, and maintaining and updating the databases.               

      d. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the payment of all approved bills and expenses and shall keep the financial records of the Association and make reports of the status of the account at Board meetings.

      e. The Overall Rules Chairperson shall be responsible for the interpretation of the Rules of Golf, conferring, as necessary, with the proper authorities and shall make any decisions about matches in dispute.

      f. The Past President shall be the Nominating Chair.

      g. The Results Chair shall be responsible for the collection and distribution of the results from each of the matches and the overall results at the conclusion of the matches, and shall set up and record results of the challenge matches.

      h. The Website Manager shall be responsible for the website, including updating and maintaining the website and managing website communications, including the captains information form and initial database, and updating and maintaining the databases.


E. The term of the Board shall be 2 years and ends after the post-season Board meeting for the final year. The President may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. After the President’s service, the President will become Past President and shall remain on the board as an advisor.


Article V The Executive Board

The Executive Board may act in place of the full Board if required. To  constitute a quorum, 3 members of the Executive Board must be present. Meetings of the Executive Board may be called at any time, at the discretion of the President, or any officer acting on her behalf.


ARTICLE VI  The Nominating Committee and Election Process


A. The Immediate Past President shall serve as Chair of this committee and shall appoint 2 or more others to assist her. In the event that she is unavailable, the President shall appoint a chair.


B. The slate will be presented at the Captains’ Meeting.


C. Nominations to the Board may be made from the floor during the Captains’ Meeting in the spring or via email directly to the President.


D. A slate of officers shall be emailed to all Captains by the 5th match date and if necessary, voted upon electronically.  Each team has one vote.


Article VII Meetings

The Captains’ Meeting shall be held in March. A Captain of each team, duly selected by her team members, MUST attend that meeting. It is preferable that there be a Captain and a Co-captain in attendance.


Article VIII Amending the Bylaws

A proposal to amend these Bylaws must be approved by the Board with a majority vote of those attending a meeting of the board where a quorum is in attendance.  Amendments shall be presented at the Captains’ Meeting.  Each team shall have one vote, to be cast by its Captain; each Board member shall be entitled to one vote. To amend, the proposal must be carried by two-thirds of those entitled to vote, in attendance at said meeting.